The Lai Bing Chiu Art Foundation (LBCAF) is a non-profit Charitable Institution founded in Hong Kong for promoting art development from local, regional to international level. It is exempt from tax under section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance (#91/10068) and was established in April 2009 by Mr. Michael Lai Bing Chiu and his family and noted individuals from different backgrounds who have made great contributions to the society.

LBCAF organizes exclusive and inspirational projects that reach out to young people of all cultures, backgrounds, languages and abilities, as well as actively creating opportunities for disadvantaged and underprivileged youngsters. We provide high quality, non-competitive art experiences for youth. Our aim is to celebrate, promote as well as sustain the cultural diversity and creativity in Hong Kong across different levels. This can be achieved by organizing various exchange programs for creative education, research and art development projects.

To promote the development of Hong Kong as a vibrant and creative cultural hub and a civil society by organizing a variety of artistic and cultural events.

– To promote the awareness of cultural pluralism by supporting and maintaining an open public sphere and cross-cultural dialogues in collaboration with affiliated network organizations.

– To act as the center of interaction and dialogue between the art communities, governments, policy makers and the public for the promotion of contemporary culture(s) of Hong Kong and the region.

– To sponsor the operation of schools and to organize creative education programs, workshops and seminars to nurture talents for the creative industries and the arts and cultural communities.

Development Strategies
Provide scholarships for children from low-income families to learn and express their artistic skills in Hong Kong art schools throughout the year.

– Provide scholarships for students to go on exchange art studies overseas.

– Organize world art competitions, art exhibitions, art fairs and activities.